It's no surprise that those who stand out, get the most attention.

Regardless of weather it's a person, a company, a product, or something else.

Naturally, you can stand out, in a good way, and also in a bad way.

Standing out in a bad way will often attract lots of negative attention, so it's makes sense that standing out in a good way is far better.

But in such noisy world, just how do you stand out?

It's certainly not by being quiet.

There's many ways you can stand out from your competition, but it essentially comes down to doing something different to everyone else. said that there was 18,300,771 new blogs created in 2014. That's a lot of blogs!

Although I don't have the stats for after 2014, I bet you there's a lot more being created per year now.

Just going by their live stats you can see that there was an eye-popping 87,611,486 posts created on just blogs alone in March 2017. Yep, over 87 million posts in a month. Crazy, right?

So back to the question; How do you make your blog stand out from the rest?

You may think you and your blog are two seperate entities (and you're not wrong), but...

The connection between you and your blog matters more than you think when it comes to building trust, loyalty and raport with your readers.

Have you ever been to a blog where the blogger doesn't show any photos of themselves, or even have an about page?

If you're like me, you'll often go to a blog's about page quite quickly in order to read more about the blog's focus point, as well as the person or people behind each post. You want to see their faces, and learn about them.

There's no doubt that you've done this at some point and thought "Haha, he has a mohawk! That's amazing!", "He looks cool!", or "He's obsessed with alpacas? What? That's so random!" (Yeah, it's me! I like alpacas. 😆), or something similar.

These people are usually easily memorable. The next time you see them, their name probably pops into your head automagically. Or you sometimes even just think "Oh hey, it's alpaca guy!". The point is, you remember these people to some degree, simply because they have a distinct feature that makes them stand out from everyone else.

Personal branding

Seeing that you're the poster-person for your blog, you should be constantly improving your personal brand.

If you've been in or around 'growth-hacking' groups on Facebook, you'll probably have seen Vin Clancy (he used to be called Vincent Dignan). He gives a silly amount of value in his Facebook group, Traffic and Copy.

He also does keynote speeches where he delivers a list of tools and actionable steps in order to grow your traffic, boost sales, etc, mainly via social media.

His talks are always fast-paced and value-packed. Really, the amount of value he delivers is enough for him to stand out. But when you also take into account his fashion sense, there's no way that Vin will leave your mind quickly.

There's no doubt about it; Vin leaves a lasting impression. From his dazzling coats, to his blinding skin-tight trousers, to his emoji-covered t-shirts, to his golden boots - It's all there.

If for some reason you don't remember who he is because of what he's done, you will remember him for how he looked.

If you look at Vin's profile on Facebook, you'll get a deeper understanding of what he does.

There's various things you can do to make a good first impression from your profile.

Adding accomplishments as jobs is a good start. Vin does this well;

More people look at your personal profile on Facebook than you think. Every time you post in a Facebook group, I guarantee you people are clicking on your profile picture or your name. This leads them to your personal profile to learn more about you.

Go to your Facebook profile and click About in the header section.

Then select Work and education.

And finally Add a wordplace.

You'll now be taken to a screen when you can enter in job details. I'll leave it up to you to get creative here.

Applying things to your blog

It's one thing to make someone remember you, but what about your blog?

Making your blog stand out is a bit more difficult. You want a clean, professional-looking blog, but you'd be surprised at what you can get away with.

Let's dive into a 3 quick examples;

1. Matthew Woodward

If you've ever had an interest in SEO (we all have!), you'll know instantly who Matthew is.

Matthew Woodward has some funky colors going on with his blog. He deliberately does this to make you remember his website.

The blue, pinkish-red and yellow colors that are scattered around his blog aren't there because he likes those colors or even that they match the design of the site. The contrast of these colors make your eyes drawn to them.

These colors are easy to remember and it's easy to make that connection that those colors are his brand colors.

He runs adverts on Facebook using the same color scheme.

I scroll down my Facebook news feed really fast, to the point where I don't look at who's posting the content. I only look at what the actual content is.

Every now and then, I pass by an image with Matthew's recogniseable brand colors. I instantly know I've just scrolled past a Matthew Woodward advert, even without seeing his name.

2. Thug Kitchen

If you can stomach some naughty-words (c'mon, we all can), then you'll appreciate Thug Kitchen's copywriting skills.

Their way of standing out is to throw some potty-talk into what is usually quite a dull topic - Cooking.

By using some foul language, aren't they going to lose readers?


But the other readers that stick around will most likely be far more loyal than just regular readers.

The swearing will talk to people on a personal level, enuring that the readership they grow will be more loyal than any other reader.

3. Girl Meets Bug

It's not just the design or the copywriting of the blog that can help you stand out.

The topic can also make your blog unique.

Although the title of the blog is about a girl meeting bugs, the content is a bit more obscure than that.

Daniella's blog is about eating bugs. She knows a bit about this. So much so, that she's written a book on it.

She's on a mission to educate people about bug-eating, and to prove that bugs are a briliant food source. She believes that through education, world hunger could be stopped.


Daniella's had quite a bit of media attention due to how 'weird' and thought-provoking her blog is.


Standing out doesn't need to take an incredible amount of time, effort, money, or talent.

You should be looking at ways that make your personality stand out, not just for yourself, but also your blog.

Find a unique angle and go with it.

  • What makes you different from the rest?
  • Why should people visit your blog and not others?
  • What makes people remember you or your blog after they've left?

When you find answers to these questions, you'll stand out.

Have you managed to make your blog stand out? Let me know in the comments.