So, you want to


Before you do, let's go over a few things first...

Let's talk incoming email
  • I get 21.9 "non-junk" emails per day.
  • That's 153.3 emails per week!
  • I make sure to read every single email I get.
  • I try my hardest to reply to every single email that warrants a reply.
Let's talk outgoing email
  • I send 29.3 emails per day.
  • Most of these are emails where I give help for free
Let's talk time
  • I spend 2.37 hours per day in my inbox
  • That's 16.59 hours per week!
That's 71.1 hours per month in my inbox
In order for me to reply to everyone, I ask you to please keep your email short and concise.
Source: Stats from my GMailMeter and RescueTime accounts

What warrants a reply?

I like emails about these things;
  • 93% - Guest post opportunities on your blog
  • 87% - Asking for help with specific blogging issues
If your email is one of these, I'll probably delete it;
  • 99% - Guest post proposal (I don't accept guest posts)
  • 91% - Advertising enquiries
  • 79% - Product launch
  • 68% - Press releases

Still want to contact me?

Awesome, go for it!