Amazon Affiliate Marketing: A beginners guide

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We've all been there; We have a site, we have traffic, but the website isn't making any money.

If you don't have a site/blog already, you should checkout my guide to starting a money-making blog.

You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Especially amazon affiliate marketing.

There's a few key points;

The beauty of this, is that everything is done for you. All you need to do is promote the product and convince people to buy it.

To give you an example of how much can be made, Brent Hale made $24,724 from the Amazon program in August of this year. I also made over $1200 with just 3 hours of "work" exclusively with Amazon's affiliate program.

The process is simple; Affiliates promote products that are available on Amazon, and if someone buys a product using the affiliates special links, the affiliate is given a commission of the sale.

Simple enough, right?

In this post, I'll show you how to get started with the Amazon Associates program and how to make money with it.

You'll learn;

Let's begin.

Create an account

Amazon is split into separate, localised websites;,,, etc.

Each Amazon website has it's own, separate affiliate program.

If the people you want to sell items to are located in Germany, you should register for the associates program.

It's pointless becoming an affiliate when your German visitors to your site won't want to buy from

If you have an English site and have mostly American traffic coming to your site, then you should sign up for

You'll see why this whole thing becomes a problem with payment a bit further down this post.

Either way;

Visit the Amazon you want to register with. You should see a 'Become an affiliate' link in the footer, or something similar.

amazon associates signup link

Creating an account is fairly straight-forward. I don't want to go through the process of creating an account, as they can ban you for having multiple accounts.

This video should give you help if you feel stuck.

Find items to sell

Ideally at this point, you should have a website currently online.

If you don't, you should start a blog.

You'll know that Amazon sell a lot of items, so it'll be really easy to find items that are related to your blog's niche.

Simply browse to the category of your choice. For example, Kitchen & Dining. Then click the Best Sellers link.

amazon best sellers

This will give you a list of the best selling items in that category. This will give you an idea of what products will make you the most money within your niche.

amazon products

Your commission rate starts off at 4% at the start of every month. The more items you sell in a month through Amazon Associates, the more your commission rate goes up.

amazon associates volume-based advertising fee rates

Because of this, it's often a good idea to try and sell smaller items which people may buy in bulk at the start of the month. This will help you get your commission rate up quickly so that you can make more money from bigger purchases.

Some item categories have a fixed commission.

amazon associates fixed rate commission

Create affiliate links.

When people click on the links that you promote, Amazon won't tell you where that person came from. The earnings report will only tell you what tag the user used.

Because of this, it's recommended to create multiple tags for promotion. You could make synbyte-twitter, synbyte-facebook, etc. You could then use those tags to be able to track where the buyers are coming from. Using synbyte-twitter for Twitter, and so on.

Amazon will automatically add -20 or something similar to the end of each tag you create, so don't worry about that when you see it.

You'll have noticed that you have a bar at the top of the page, like this;

amazon associates sitestripe

To create a link, you'll need to go to the page of the product you want to promote.

Then you can click Text, Image, or Text+Image in the bar to be able to create the kind of link you want.

Promote your affiliate links.

Now that you have your link, you need to promote it.

You can promote in various places; Twitter, Facebook, your mailing list, your blog, your YouTube channel, etc.

You'll want to make the link look as natural as possible.

Make it contextual.

If you write a blog post where you mention any kind of product, you can always take that product name and link to the product page on Amazon.

If you write a blog post about your pet Goldfish and randomly throw a link to a Canon camera in there, nobody will click it.

This may seem so incredibly obvious - it is, but you'll be surprised at how many people ignore this.

The more contextual the link is, the higher the conversion will be.

Get paid

Ah, the most important part.

So here's the thing;

When I was living in Denmark, Germany was a neighbouring country. The problem was, I was promoting products through Because of this, I had the option to be paid in gift cards, or to an American bank account (that I didn't have).

I can only speak about the program as it's the only one I've used. If you're using that and not from America, you're gonna hit a problem.

To be paid into an American bank account, you of course need to have one.

That's where Payoneer comes in!

Payoneer will give you an American bank account, for free. Your Payoneer account is free, your bank account is free. Perfect! You can then be paid from Amazon, to Payoneer, then move the money from there to your actual bank account in whatever country you're in.

As a little bonus, Payoneer will give you an extra $25 reward once your account has received $100.


I use this to get paid from and it works like clockwork, every month, without fail.


I've hopefully given you a small insight into how easy and quick it is to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Whatever content you produce and promote online, you'll no doubt be able to find Amazon products to link to that are related to the content. If you have this mastered, you'll be able to have a high conversion rate.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it's passive income.

Once you've created links and promoted them to an audience, your work is done. Providing that link stays where you put it, there's a chance of people visiting it, and potentially making you money.

If you build a very nice affiliate site, you can easily flip it. Here's a big list of 600+ amazon affiliate websites for sale.

Now, go make some money.

Are you already doing affiliate marketing? If not, what's stopping you? Let me know in the comments