Most bloggers have it all wrong.

They focus on traffic, not revenue.

Getting traffic to your blog is good and everything, but if your blog isn't designed to convert that traffic into money, then it doesn't matter.

Are you tired of me telling you how awesome you are? Because you're awesome!!!!

Katherine Sullivan

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Here's my story

My name is Gareth Griffiths

I started my first blog at 17 years old

My first blog was all about a heavy metal band I liked at that moment. I thought it was the best blog ever.

Months went by with no traffic

leaving me frustrated, but eventually traffic started rolling in from Google.

In 2003 Google Adsense was born

and I put ads on my blog. Although I didn't get rich, I started making a decent income.

The band contacted me

and they wanted me to help promote their merchandise. I learned email marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO and more and I was still in my teens!

I started consulting companies

of all sizes, helping them generate more revenue from their existing customers.

I realized I got more enjoyment from helping individuals

and stopped taking any consultancy work for companies.

And since then

I've gone on to help thousands of people make more money with their blogs without getting any new visitors.

Will you be next?